week 1 reflection and discussion

week 1 reflection and discussion - Chapter 1: Walking Naked...

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Reflection and Discussion: pg 13 Personal Steps to Change: 1. List the ten most significant personal changes you have ever made: There is an important link between deep change at the personal level and deep change at the organizational level. To make deep personal change is to develop a new paradigm, a new self, one that is more effectively aligned with today’s realities. This can only occur if we are willing to journey into unknown territory and confront the wicked problems we encounter. In doing so, we learn the paradoxical lesson that we can change the world only by changing ourselves. This is not just a cute abstraction; it is an elusive key to effective performance in all aspects of life. Pg 11 Significant Personal Changes 1. First Job 2. Change in path after birth of son 3. Marriage 4. College 5. My daughter 6. 2. Sort the changes listed in Item 1 into two categories: incremental change and deep change: Incremental change is usually the result of a rational analysis and planning process. Incremental change is usually limited in scope and is often reversible. Incremental change usually does not disrupt our past patterns – it is an extension of the past. Most important, during incremental change, we feel we are in control. Pg 3 Deep change differs from incremental change in that it requires new ways of thinking and behaving. It is change that is major in scope. The deep change effort distorts existing patterns of action and involves taking risks. Deep change means surrendering control pg 3 Making a deep change involves abandoning both and “walking naked into the land of uncertainty”. It is therefore natural for each of us to deny that there is any need for a deep change. Pg 3 Incremental Change Deep Change First Job Change in path after birth of son College Marriage My Daughter 3. Summarize your personal experience with deep change: My personal experience with deep change has been a unique experience. Deep change is very scary and uncertain, but sometimes it is better than the reality you face. 4. Provide an example of “walking naked into the land of uncertainty”: Change after the birth of my son: The path I was on when I was pregnant was a dangerous one. On this path, there was not many options, and the outcome looked shaky at best. So I decided to travel into the unknown with no knowledge and no particular place to head to. I was very scared and could not see the light no matter which way I seem to turn. But following this path, led me to marriage, college, and the family I have now. This is a personal example of walking naked into the land of uncertainty. I have not experience deep change inside my professional life. I am open to the option and willing to take that leap. 5.
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week 1 reflection and discussion - Chapter 1: Walking Naked...

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