Week 1 - Week 1 Deep Change Concepts and Transforming...

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Week 1: Deep Change Concepts and Transforming Perspectives about Personal Change Introduction Reflect on the changes that have taken place in your personal or professional life. Did you initiate these changes, or were they imposed upon you? Were they sudden, or did they take root over time? Change is an integral part of life, and everyone has to face it. The external world is constantly changing, and people need to keep reinventing themselves to connect with the world around them. Deep change refers to the transformation that occurs in people and organizations. Deep change requires new ways of thinking and behaving and is major in scope. The importance of deep change is immense. It holds the key for anyone who wants to be a leader and maintain a satisfying work life. This week, you will learn about deep change and how to confront it. You will also cover the concept of personal change and how changing your perspectives can help you improve your life. Learning Outcomes By the end of this week, you will be able to: Evaluate the personal impact of change on the individual and how people react to organizational change Identify the forces driving organizational change
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Reading Course Text: Quinn, Robert E. (1996). Deep change: Discovering the leader within. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. o Chapter 1, "Walking Naked into the Land of Uncertainty" Chapter 1 focuses on the personal and organizational perspectives of deep change, which is a transformation process that occasionally occurs in individuals and organizations. The chapter further describes the link between deep change at the personal level and deep change at the organizational level. Focus on
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Week 1 - Week 1 Deep Change Concepts and Transforming...

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