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WK_2_APP_Phillips Lisa Phillips Johansson, C., & Heide, M. (2008). Speaking of Change: three communication approaches in studies of organizational change. Corporate Communications, 13(3), 288-305. “The purpose of the present review of communication approaches to organizational change is to identify and further develop the range of perspectives available in the literature and to present a framework on communication and change that could underpin future research” . Throughout the article Johansson and Heide describe the relationship between communication and organizational change and the attraction it has to scholars and practitioners. They analyze different articles that were published between 1995 and 2007, with key words like organizational change and communication. After additional discussion they “gradually resulted in three different approaches of communication during organizational change: (1) communication as a tool; (2) communication as a socially constructed process; and (3) communication as social transformation”. The first is communication as a tool. There is an important connection between communication and the change process.
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application - WK_2_APP_Phillips Lisa Phillips Johansson,...

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