article - Abstract (Summary) Purpose - The purpose of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Abstract (Summary) Purpose - The purpose of the present review of communication approaches to organizational change is to identify and further develop the range of perspectives available in the literature and to present a framework oncommunication and change that could underpin future research. Design/methodology/approach - Research on communication, narratives, stories and discourse, which have mapped new terrain in the study oforganizational change, is reviewed and discussed. Findings - The authors conclude that despite the vast academic and popular change literature, communication approaches to change still remain underdeveloped andcommunication scholars are, with few exceptions, remarkably absent in the field. Three challenges for the future are proposed, that researchers of communication and organizational change need to consider. Originality/value - This paper provides a comprehensive literature review in the field of communication during organizational change. By integrating these studies in a new framework of communication as tool, process and social transformation, the authors offer a new foundation for theory building in this area. Further development and integration of these three different communication approaches is suggested, which would offer better conditions for research and practice to embrace the complex processes of organizational change. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT] Jump to indexing (document details) Full Text (8313 words) Copyright Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2008 The relationship between communication and organizational change has attracted increased attention from scholars and practitioners during the last decade. Repeatedly, scholars have stated that communication and change is a subject field that is very important to develop ( [50] Jones et al. , 2004; [82] Taylor et al. , 2001). In spite of this, communication research in this field has rarely been subject to reviews and efforts in finding theoretical paradigms guiding the research ([61] Lewis and Seibold, 1998). This paper aims to fill this gap by presenting a review and critique of existing communication approaches in studies on organizational change. Change is often driven by conditions in the surrounding environment, but is also triggered by needs within organizations. The dynamic and global environment in which modern organizations operate is imprinted by increasingly keen competition. A prerequisite to survive is to continually scan and adapt to the environment, according to systems theory. In order to cope with competition, technological developments and customer demands, managers seek different solutions and tools to manage the unstable, rapidly changing, and never predictable situation....
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article - Abstract (Summary) Purpose - The purpose of the...

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