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Unformatted text preview: Week 2 discussion response, 1. Response to Jackie Cooper, You have a great post this week. Your example reminds me of my sister. She works as a manager of a restaurant located inside of a mall. She has told me numerous of times that if the stores sell their merchandise at a high price then the restaurant loses profit. Why because the shoppers go to other stores to shop instead of the mall. To solve this problem my sister came up with a plan. She met with the owner to discuss her plan and see if it was okay to try it. The next time the stores decided to raise their prices, she decided to run massive discounts on dinning at the restaurant. The first time she did this her discount was “Come one, come all, buy two dinners get three free. This worked for her, at the end of the night she noticed that they had made a profit of 200.00 dollars. This isn’t much of a profit but is better than losing money which they were doing without running the discounts. Maybe your company could do the same, when the hotel raises which they were doing without running the discounts....
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