Week 2 - Week 2 Foundational Concepts in Organizational...

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Week 2: Foundational Concepts in Organizational Change Introduction: Consider that you are working for an organization. Has any corporate change affected you or a coworker? Did communication play a role in the change process? How was the change communicated to you? Do you think it was well managed, or could it have been managed differently? The extent to which change affects people depends on how the change process is managed and communicated. This week, you will focus on the congruence model of organizational behavior, which was developed and refined over time. You will learn about the types and cycles of organizational change and how employees react to these changes. You will also examine the impact communication has on managing change, as well as the role of dynamic change in the workplace. Learning Outcomes By the end of this week, you will be able to: Evaluate the reasons for failure in organizational change Synthesize the components required for effective organizational change Identify the forces driving organizational change
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Please read and review this week's Learning Resources before you complete the Discussion. Reading Course Text: Champions of Change: How CEOs and Their Companies Are Mastering the Skills of Radical Change o Chapter 1, "What It Takes: Confronting the Realities of Change" Chapter 1 provides an overview of the changes that are inevitable but difficult to implement in modern organizations. In addition, the chapter describes the pivotal role of senior leadership as it pertains to organizational changes. Focus on
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Week 2 - Week 2 Foundational Concepts in Organizational...

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