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WK_2_DQ_Phillips - Wk_2_DQ_Phillips 1 How does what you...

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Wk_2_DQ_Phillips 1. How does what you have read about the S – Curve affect your thinking about your own organization? As I read about the S – Curve I found the importance of charting change in the company or organization over time. This made me think about the charts I keep for the tree firm my husband owns. The question that comes to mind is, “Am I successful at charting the right information to manage changing in the company?”. I use to think I was doing a great job, now I understand that I am only doing a good job at best. The reason is, “In terms of managing change, the successful organizations are those that truly understand the change imperative” . As the class finished I am confident that my management skills will have improved, and education has grown. 2. What kinds of change efforts are going on in your organization right now? Address the issues of intensity, complexity, and what are the forces driving the changes?
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