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WK3_DQ_PhillipsL While working at Subway, the general manager noticed the lack of motivation to the new changes that recently happen. In chapter five we learned that steps 5 through 8 are involved in the need to motivate change. Each step is listed below along with weather the step was followed successfully, avoided, or failed. 5. Create dissatisfaction with the current state: This step was followed, as the general manager continually discussed the dissatisfaction with our current menus. “To get to a desired future state; first create dissatisfaction with the current state” . He pointed out that the hand menus did not include calories, pricing, or sales. Then he pointed out that the main menu was outdated and different color then the other subways around. They also had smaller print which made it harder for the older customers to read at times. Once the store noticed that the menus all needed to be replaced and new one arrived the store realized more would have to change. 6. Build participation in planning and implementing change: This is step was followed as the general manager included
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