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Group Project C Notes - Group Project C Notes: Nadler...

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Group Project C Notes: Nadler Quotes: “Before turning to specific strategic aspects of change, Houghton insisted that senior team members first come to grips with the issue of corporate values. The seven values, communicated in a formal statement to all employees, were – and remain today – quality, integrity, performance, leadership, technology, independence, and the individual.” (p139) “Ultimately, Houghton distilled the essence of the change agenda into two major themes – quality and performance – to which he later added a third, diversity. In important ways those themes and the way they were used illustrate the common characteristics shared by effective agendas in successful change efforts: a limited number of understandable themes, constant repetition of those themes, and a clear relationship between those themes and the change actually going on within the organization” (p 140) Make an analysis of the change effort using Nadler’s integrated change agenda: Founded in 1904, this one time family owned operation has become a leader in miniaturization. Under the second management team in 1979, Oticon started facing a crisis. During 1986 the DKK loss was 4 million, and then in 1987 the loss was 44 million. That was when the Foundation Board decided that a new management team is needed. “Lars Kolind was an unexpected choice for CEO as he had no previous experience in the industry. He had, however come from a company producing scientific instruments (Radiometer) that had gained first place in another niche market. Furthermore, his values, for the most part, corresponded to those of the Foundation Board members” . PURPOSE: “Until 1988, our strategy was to be the biggest, the best, to do everything for everybody. Clearly, this didn’t work for us. So, in 1989, we refocused our business toward those dispensers or retailers who were not interested in providing end – user satisfaction. We decided to concentrate our entire business on the professional end of the retailing business – that is, those dispensers who were concerned about their end users. That was the basis for all the
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Group Project C Notes - Group Project C Notes: Nadler...

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