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Group Project Personal Notes - Group Project Personal...

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Group Project Personal Notes: Analyze the change effort using Nadler's integrated change agenda—values, governance, operating environment, operational performance, organization, strategy, and purpose. Pg. 138 THE AGENDA FOR CHANGE: Together, the CEO and the executive team face the task of creating a general vision of change and identifying specific areas of the organization where change is most critical. This vision which I call the integrated change agenda , can take a number of forms and evolve in various ways. But the successful ones all share some important characteristics. In essence, the integrated change agenda is an umbrella comes all the elements of the change effort. Typically, these include the organization's purpose, it strategy, its values, its governance processes, its operating environment, its requirements for talent and skills, its operational performance, and its organizational structures, processes, and systems. Normally these principles are first communicated through public statements by the CEO, and then, as will shortly see, repeated over and over again until they become a kind of corporate mantra . (p139) FROM REPORT: Find all the integrated change agenda: 1. Purpose: ACTUAL OTICON GOAL: “At Oticon Inc., our goal is to help people with hearing loss fulfill their potential while living the life they choose – with the hearing they have. To achieve this goal, we strive to be the learder in high performance hearing solutions” “This company, the new Oticon, would not just run faster, but better. Lars Kolind wrote in his memo that Oticon would be: A company where the biggest part of what we are doing is something we are good at and like. A company organized in such a way that all working there better understand what they are doing. A company where there are as few limits as possible that stop people from doing a good and effective job. A company where each one of us has many possible opportunities to develop in the long term, to change working task, to try bigger challenges.” . 2.
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Group Project Personal Notes - Group Project Personal...

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