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Week 4 Group Project Part B - deep change either personal...

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Week 4 Group Project Part B: Make a team recommendation on how Lars Kolind should proceed, given the resistance he is facing. My recommendation on how Lars Kolind should proceed is the same way he is leading. Slow death was facing the company and Lars Kolind recognized this. Before the company had burned out, Lars decided deep change was need. “I was concerned that we had not established a solid based for the long term. And, I realized that this concern was not generally accepted at all inside the company” . Lars proceeded by writing a four page memo on his dream for the organization, and what he believed they could achieve in competitive advantage. “Lars Kolind asked all Oticon employees to “think the unthinkable”. As Lars is implementing his vision, he is met with resistance from other Oticon managers. Even though he had included everyone in the change, and prepaired them the best he could, the resistance still grew. By the time the new headquarters was built, the company was in a full – scale revolt. The revolt is a normal reaction when facing a
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Unformatted text preview: deep change, either personal or professional. Lars Kolind needs to keep reassuring the others in the company that this change is what is best for the business relationships and the business as a whole. “The problem is that to grow, to take the journeys on which our growth is predicated, we must confront our own immaturity, selfishness, and lack of courage. The decisions we make about our journeys determine how our self is aligned with our surrounding environment” . Keep pointing out the lack of courage for change, and how this journey will better align the company to the surrounding environment. References: Groth, T. (2003). Revolution at Oticon A/S (A): Vision for a change-competent organization. In T. Jick, & M. Peiperl, Managing change: Cases and Concepts (2nd ed., pp. 268-280). Boston: Irwin/McGraw Hill. Quinn, R. E. (1996). Deep Change: Discoving the Leader Within. San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons, INC....
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