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Week 5 Application - Week 5 Application: Identify an...

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Week 5 Application: Identify an organization you are familiar with that needs to make a change in its culture, and then use Nadler’s Twelve Interventions for Operating Environment Change in order to identify which components apply and what needs to occur for the change to be effective. Save as Wk_5_APPPhillips Organization: Holmes Elementary School (Willow Run School District) 1. Collaborative Culture Definition: Definition of the required environment: Each Role is listed then the definition of their behavior, then the new environment will be reviled. Principal: You should be firm yet friendly. Have a soft tone when addressing certain issues about the educational needs of the children. You should have complete knowledge of everyone and everything happening on school grounds. Taking the time to learn the names of the children and your staff is a start. You should have control over most situations, and be able to think on your feet. Being an understanding person is one quality you should possess. Secretary: It is your job to deal with the children and parents who enter the office. You should have a demeanor that is appropriate to the situation. You should treat all parents with respect. You should have complete knowledge of the children, their parents, and the principal. It is important for you to have knowledge of what is going on with after school activities. This knowledge would include times of practice, dates, location, and who is running the activity. Fifth, Forth, Third, Second, and First Grade Teachers: As a teacher your first priority is to care for the children. You should be nurturing to their educational needs, as well as firm with discipline when needed. You should be patient, understanding, and caring. You need complete knowledge on your students, their parents, the Secretary. You should also have knowledge on other activities happening in school and around the area. This information can be passed onto parents who can make use of it. You should also know what other students in the grade you are teaching is learning, and at what pace. Art Teacher, Music Teacher: Your job is to keep the minds of the children creative. You should be knowledgeable on addressing problems with each grade. You should be attentive to the children’s needs, and have complete knowledge on the students and parents. You should also work with each teacher to make sure they understand what you are teaching and why. Gym Teacher: Your job is to keep the children active and healthy. This does not mean you run them until they cannot
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Week 5 Application - Week 5 Application: Identify an...

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