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Unformatted text preview: Wk_5_DQPhillips How does culture affect organizational change? “In any organization the culture shapes – and is shaped by – the people, the work they do, and the formal structures and processes that coordinate their efforts”. In most organizations there is more than one culture. “It’s often inaccurate to think of a complex organization as having a single operating environment. Certainly, each unit within the organization will reflect the enterprise culture – the culture promoted by the dominant faction within senior management” . This shows that culture will affect any organizational change you may make. “Cultures are resistant to change” , and “there are many ways in which bureaucratic culture proves to be a barrier to change” . The culture can have positive and negative effects on organizational change. A negative effect of culture is that if your employees do not feel comfortable they will eventually leave. But the up side is the culture is what draws the employees to the job. “The only truly leave....
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