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Final Portfolio Project - Final Portfolio Project: Identify...

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Final Portfolio Project: Identify a program or situation to be changed in an organization you are familiar with. The way orders are taken or received working at Cottage Inn Pizza located in Canton Michigan. “While no single change management plan or methodology fits every organization, there is a set of best practices that can be adapted to a variety of situations” Then Develop a Change Management Plan: Define in detail the problem: When people call in on the phone for delivery orders, and the orders are hand written, the people who take the orders might send our drivers out of our area. Other problems is the ones taken the orders are hand writing them and then the ones making them are guessing at what is wrote not to mention the drivers trying to read the address or with walk-ins trying to read the price. Then you have the problem with totaling at the end of the night, or the month. Doing things completely by hand makes more work on all of us. The Recommended Change: A PrISM POS system for pizza delievery system. This technology will allow the company to change many different aspects. “Combine our field proven store-side delivery management system with our state-of-the-art web-ordering module and you will create a complete end-to-end technology solution for your facility that is second to none in the industry” . A few different companies produce POS system and the one we choose will be the one that benefits the company the most financially and morally. Desired Outcome: The use of PrISM POS will give our company less paperwork to do and keep track of. The drivers will not have to turn in slips when they cash out, instead their deliveries are located on the computer, with a simple printout the manager can have the total amount for the deliveries how much is owed to both driver and company. This will reduce the normal driver check out time from one hour to fifteen minutes. Another outcome from the use of this new technology is at the end of the night our management team can count inventory, print out the system reports, and close the store. This will reduce the time the store is open after closing by almost an hour and fifteen minutes. The use of PrISM POS will also allow us to take orders and prepare them more efficiently. It will give driver
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Final Portfolio Project - Final Portfolio Project: Identify...

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