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REFPhillipsL - job Having finished this course I know what...

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Reflection 1 Reflection By: Lisa Phillips Class: Instructor: Date: January 13, 2012 Walden University
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Reflection 2 So much information was given throughout this course that has changed my perspectives on organizational change. Change is a scary process but after this course I have realized that slow death is even scarier. In our current economy I can see slow death everywhere I look, from gas stations, schools, government to the car industry. As this course has come to an end I realize that it is time for a new way of thinking. If I can embrace change I can help others understand why it is so important. Realizing how important change is to every aspect of our lives, I know can actually change. Helping my self to become the person who I need to be is one major improvement I got from taking this course. My role in organizational change has been minimal at best. When I started I believed I was doing a great job, as this course has ended I have come to realize that I was doing an okay
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Unformatted text preview: job. Having finished this course I know what I need to do to be an active leader in organizational change. It is important to motivate the change and support it. When change has come from upper management, I myself need to embrace it and make it my own. When discussing change from upper management I should use words like we instead of they. That way my staff can see that I am a part of the change instead of being against it. Other can tell when leaders are not fully in support of a change, this is bad. When you do not support the change how can you expect others to? This was one of the best classes I have attended here at Walden University. It taught me to embrace change or slow death. It also taught me different ways to embrace certain changes. As there are no set of rules that can be applied there are some that are broad enough. Make sure to always lead by example to, this will help ease the stress of change....
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REFPhillipsL - job Having finished this course I know what...

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