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Which issues are off limits for discussion in your organization, and what would be required to make them allowable? How would this change your organization? One issue that is off limits for discussion in my organization is gas prices. I always bring up that raising our prices to match the raising gas prices would be a logical step. Why because we have to put gas into our equipment to run. Well it’s not all gas; some of the equipment uses Diesel fuel which is just as expensive. I seem to get cut off and the subject changes really quickly when I bring it up. It seems like no one wants to hear about the cost of fuel. If I could get to talk about this situation it could change our profit margin. Instead of making 50.00 on four stumps we could make 75.00, and to us 25.00 for a job is a lot. On bigger jobs we could lose more because of different types of equipment. Response to Staci Bolden, You have a great post, You have had great post for the last six week. I have really enjoyed learning with you and
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Unformatted text preview: reading all your intelligent post during this class. Managers should understand the changes going on around them, that way they can help others to understand them. One issue that is off subject at my organization is credit card information. You can get into a lot of trouble for repeating this issue. Our problem issue is not the credit numbers themselves, but the machine. We keep telling them that we need a new machine because we are losing money every time ours goes down. But it seems like they don't want to listen to that right at the moment. However we have started to lightly discuss the problem and are actually starting to get others on board with our solution. If it goes well we will be able to have our credit card machine up and running all the time, meaning no more missed money because people only have debit cards on them. It has really been a pleasure to learn with you. I wish you the best in your future....
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