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Homework Reading #1 - Reading Homework #1 Based on reading...

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Reading Homework #1 Based on reading the 1 st chapter of Biology by Campbell and Reece, 8 th edition 1. List and briefly explain at least eight properties of living organisms. a. Order – highly ordered structure characterizes life. b. Regulation – blood flow through the blood vessels to maintain a constant body temperature by adjusting heat exchange with air. c. Energy processing – use chemical energy stored in its food to power and do work. d. Evolutionary adaptation – adaptations evolve over many generations by the reproductive success of individuals with heritable traits that are best suited to their environments. e. Growth and development – inherited information carried by genes controls the pattern of growth and development of organisms. f. Response to the environment – responds to the environmental stimulus. g. Reproduction – organisms reproduce their own kind. 2. Define the term “emergent properties” a. It is the property where living things become more and more complex as it goes from cellular level to organ system. They are due to the arrangement and interactions of parts as complexity increases. Cell-> tissue -> organ -> organ system -> animal.
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Homework Reading #1 - Reading Homework #1 Based on reading...

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