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BILD Review Worksheet Student Version - Michael Ghiam...

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Michael Ghiam Review Worksheet - Cell Theory o All living things are composed of cells o The cell is the basic functional unit of life o Cells arise only from preexisting cells o Cells carry genetic information in the form of DNA o This genetic material is passed from parent cell to daughter cell Eukaryotes vs Prokaryotes Structure Prokaryotes Eukaryotes Nucleus No Yes Genetic Material DNA-Singular circular chromosome DNA- Linear Chromosome Cell Wall Yes Yes (plants)/ No (Animals) Cell Membrane Yes Yes Membranous Organelles No Yes Ribosomes Yes Yes Organelles 1 . Cell membrane -Composed of phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins having both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions; encloses cell and is selectively permeable (regulates what goes in and out of cell). 2. Nucleus - Surrounded by a nuclear membrane; controls the activity of the cell; contains the chromosomes; contains nucleolus which is the site of transcription. 3. Ribosomes -Site of protein synthesis (translation); consist of two subunits; made from rRNA and proteins; found on rough ER and in cytoplasm. 4. Endoplasmic reticulum -Network of membrane enclosed spaces connected at points with the nuclear membrane; there are two forms: smooth ER (lipid synthesis and detoxification of drugs and poisons); and Rough ER (protein syn-thesis, contains ribosomes) 5. Golgi apparatus - Stack of membrane-enclosed sacs; functions in packaging, modification and distribution of
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BILD Review Worksheet Student Version - Michael Ghiam...

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