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TA: Paul Shao [email protected] Sec A08, Wedn 6-7pm HSS1305 OH: Mon 11-12pm PCE Handout 5: cytoskeleton, metabolism and Gibb’s free energy Cytoskeleton: 1. Functions of cytoskeleton: a. Maintain cell ________, ________, and ________ b. Cell movement c. Provide “________” that connect different organelles d. Three types of cytoskeleton: ________, ________, ________ 2. Microtubules: a. Functions include: a.i. Chromosome movement a.ii. “highway” for organelles a.ii.1. Ie. Transport vesicles from ________ to Goglgi apparatus and to target organelles a.iii. Cell movement a.iii.1. Ie. Sperm cell has ________, which acts like a tail a.iii.2. Ie. Cilia: acts like oars b. Motor proteins: b.i. ________: bending movement inwards toward nucleus b.ii. ________: bending movement outward away from nucleus 3. Microfilament: a. Built from globular protein: ________ b. Twisted double chain of ________ subunits c. Bear tension (pulling force) within the cell d. Found in ________, a projection that increases cell surface area
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handout%205%20cytoskeleton%20and%20energy - TA Paul Shao...

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