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TA: Paul Shao [email protected] Sec A08, Wedn 6-7pm HSS1305 OH: Mon 11-12pm PCE Handout # 4 Membranes structure and Function 1. a. The membrane is a _ fluid _ structure with a mosaic of various __ protein ___ embedded in or attached to a phospholipid bilayer . b. Membrane proteins are dispersed, inserted into bilayer with hydrophobic /hydrophilic (choose one) region within the membrane and hydrophobic/ hydrophilic region protruding. c. The ability of phosophlipids to dorm a bilayer membrane is inherent in their molecular structure due to the __ amphipathi c__ nature of the molecule. d. Phospholipid contains a _ hydrophilic __ head made up of _ glycerol _, ___ phosophate groupd_, and __ choline ___. e. Phospholipid contains a _ hydrophobic _ tail that’s composed of 2 fatty acid, which is simply a long chain of _ hydrocarbon ___. 2. Saturated vs. unsaturated fatty acid: a. At low temperature, unsaturated hydrocarbon tail is more fluid _ and remains fluid
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Handout4%20membrane%20structures%20with%20Ans - TA: Paul...

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