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WEEK-8%20worksheet - Christina Guerrero BILD1 Week8...

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Christina Guerrero BILD1 Week8 Worksheet a) Human genetic disease: sickle-cell anemia: a.i) Normal red blood cells are full of individual hemoglobin molecules, each carrying ________ a.ii) Fibers of abnormal hemoglobin deform red blood cell into _______ shape. (a.ii.1) Normal RBC Primary structure has a ________ and sickle celled RBC primary structure has ________ (a.ii.1.a) Sickle-cell anemia is a __________ (dominant/recessive) disease. (a.ii.1.b) Achondroplasia: a ___________ condition: dwarfism (a.ii.2) Polygenic inheritance: (facts) (a.ii.2.a) Quantitative characters are those that wary in the population along a continuum. (a.ii.2.b) Quantitative variation usually indicates polygenic inheritance, an additive effect of two or more genes on a single phenotype (a.ii.2.c) Skin color in humans is an example of ____________ ____________ (a.ii.3) Mendelian inheritance has its physical basis in the behavior of ____________ (a.ii.3.a) Chromosome theory of inheritance: (a.ii.3.a.i) Mendelian genes reside at specific locations (_____) on chromosomes (a.ii.3.a.ii) Chromosomes undergo segregation and independent assortment a.ii.3.a.ii.1. ________ ____ _________: provided first evidence that Mendel’s heritable factors were on chromosomes. a.ii.3.a.ii.2. Morgan’s experimental organism were_______ ________. a.ii.3.a.ii.3. Characteristics: a.ii.3.a.ii.3.a. a.ii.3.a.ii.3.b. a.ii.3.a.ii.3.c. Easily visible phenotypes a.ii.3.a.ii.3.c.i. P generation female flies with red eyes x male flies with white eyes a.ii.3.a.ii.3.c.ii.F1 generation all had _____ eyes a.ii.3.a.ii.3.c.iii. F2 generation: _____ratio red: white, but only ________ had white eyes. (a.ii.3.a.iii)Association of specific gene and chromosome: a.ii.3.a.iii.1. Morgan reasoned that the gene for eye must be located on the _____(X/Y) chromosome, since white recessive trait only appeared in males.
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