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Bild1: The Cell TA: Xu Yu Zeng Office Hours Fridays 10am Centr 217A xyzeng@ucsd.edu Mon. Tap Ex 11am The Cell Cycle Important for: unicellular reproduction, multicellular organism development and tissue renewal Cell Division : DNA replication, chromosome condensation, division of chromosomes into 2 nuclei (mitosis), division of cytoplasm into 2 cells (cytokinesis) Genome : total DNA containing an organisms complete set of genes Chromosome : 1 unit of double-stranded DNA. 1 set contains genome Chromatid : One half of a duplicated chromosome Mitotic Spindle : pulls apart sister chromatids to opposite cell poles Cleavage Furrow : separates cytoplasm of animal cells by actinomyosin ring of microfilaments Cell Plate : separates cytoplasm of plate cells by localized membrane addition Interphase: G1: Cell growth S: DNA duplication G2: Cell growth Mitotic Phase : Prophase: Chromosomes condense to sister chromatids, mitotic spindle begins to form, centrosomes separate Metaphase: Centrosomes at opposite poles, chromosomes at metaphase plate,
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