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AS11_SET_17 - (c An AA 1.5 V torch light battery has an...

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SET_17 ASSIGNMENT 11 SET 17 SESSION 2011/2012 NAME: ___________________________ PRACTICUM:____________________ MATRIX NO.:_______________________ DATE :____________________ Answer all the questions below. Please write your answers in a new sheet of paper. Attach your answer sheet(s) together with this question paper upon submission. 1 (a) Briefly explain about electromotive force (emf). (b) Explain the difference between emf of a battery and potential difference across the battery terminals.
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Unformatted text preview: (c) An AA 1.5 V torch light battery has an internal resistance of 0.40 Ω. What is its terminal potential difference when it supplies 50 mA current to a load? (d) A filament bulb is labeled 220 V , 80 W. (i) Calculate the resistance of the filament (ii) What would be the power dissipated from the bulb if it is connected to a 150V supply (iii) Describe how the power dissipated from a nichrome wire heater varies as Temperature is increased. 15 marks (2M) (2M) (3M) (8M)...
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