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Nutrition & Wellness (EDKP 292) – Course Outline - Winter 2012 1 Time: Mondays & Wednesdays 2:35 PM - 3:55 PM Room: Macdonald – Harrington Bldg G-10 Instructor: Hugues Plourde, Ph.D. RD Office: Royal Victoria Hospital T2-03 Tel: 514.934.1934 ext: 34442 / E-mail: hugues.plourde@mcgill.ca Office hours: by appointment or 30 minutes following lecture. Tamara Cohen, M.Sc., RD. Office hours: 30 minutes following lecture Tel : 514.398.7527 / E-mail: tamara.cohen@mail.mgill.ca Teaching Assistants: Andrée Castonguay: andree.castonguay@mail.mcgill.ca Olivier Babineau: olivier.babineau@mail.mcgill.ca Mandy Ting: mandylting@gmail.com Danielle Fainer: danielle.fainer@mail.mcgill.ca Tracy McDonough: tracy.mcdonough@mail.mcgill.ca For any administrative issues, contact Hugues Plourde. For all matters concerning your assignments, first contact your TA. Check WebCT after Jan.18 to know which TA is assigned to you. Learning Outcomes: 1. To describe relationships between foods and nutrients, to identify food sources of nutrients, and to recognize dietary and nutrient recommendations. 2. To identify ways in which the supply of individual nutrients affects health and wellness. 3. To understand how nutrition relates to optimal health, fitness, and physical performance. Instructional method Lectures (including presentation of cases studies) and assignments will be used to help students to achieve learning objectives. Required Text: Sizer FS, Whitney E, Piche LA Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies. CDN 2nd Edition, Toronto, ON: (Combined ISBN: 0176517170) and it consists of the text 0176502580 + Diet Analysis Access Card 0538495081 + Global Nutrition Watch 111147365X. Expectations: 1. Complete reading assignments and review PowerPoint notes from WebCT before attending lecture. 2. Take additional notes during class. 3. Review additional material presented in class or as part of assignments that is not in the lecture notes. For some assignments, you will require access to the Student Book Companion Site for the course
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This note was uploaded on 01/15/2012 for the course EDKP 292 taught by Professor Koziris during the Winter '07 term at McGill.

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EDKP%20292%20_Course%20outline_%202012 - Nutrition &...

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