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Muhammad Ali COURSE PROJECT Proposal In these modern times software's have made our lives full of convince and efficient. There purpose could serve both regular and business consumers. SAP is one of the most innovative software that has revolutionized how industries do their business. SAP is a Enterprise Resource Planning software which provide the ability to interact with common corporate database. SAP is the world largest inter-enterprise software company and forth largest independent software supplier. The question remains how does implementing SAP will help our organization. These days companies want real time information at a lighting speed, they want all their employees working and sharing common information. Many times in the past companies were having problem because the information in their database was not getting updated fast enough. There were also facing problems in making transaction time faster due to simple face that every department was using different database. SAP provide the capability to manage financial assets, production operation , cost accounting and personnel. SAP has resolved many problem for Fortune 500 companies, it has given them a medium to streamline their processes and transactions. SAP has given the ability to company personnel to interact with a common database and get information in real time. SAP also has CRM(Customer Relationship Management) which has many key benefits. CRM suite of SAP help aligns marketing resources to support organization objectives, drive customer demand with targeted marketing messages and understand the returns on marketing spend. Companies face continuous problem of forecasting profits and changing trends. These issues must be faced properly because it can make or break profit. With over four decades of continuous improvement SAP has helped companies greater forecast accuracy, reduction in planning cycle and improvement in working capital. This also solve the problem that one ERP can be applied in many industries and different range for products. If you are multinational corporation and have wide range of products, you would only need one default EPR system to take care of your overall business processes. The problem most company face with their software is lack of good customer support. If your main software does not respond the whole company suffers, sometimes it means losing millions of lost business. It is very crucial to have a good support team and with SAP service experts you have nothing to worry about your software investment. Milestone 1 Companies are always facing problems when their business processes are not streamlined. That leads wide to wide range of problem from delivery, shipping to manufacturing. It results in millions of losses and losing customer along the way. When companies are not handling their transactions or processes in a efficient way, it creates gap of information in different department. When different departments are not communicating properly and are not working towards
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This note was uploaded on 01/15/2012 for the course ACC 505 ACC505 taught by Professor Billdillon during the Spring '10 term at Keller Graduate School of Management.

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Muhammad Ali-CP-PROPOSAL - Muhammad Ali COURSE PROJECT...

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