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Zeeshan Zahid 05/31/2011 Spch. 275 Language Activity The first thing I noticed about the language used in the “I have a dream speech” was that there were not too many unfamiliar words being used. King wanted to make sure that his speech would be understood by each person that was listening and therefore used short, sharp words to grab the attention of the audience. I believe that King was using more abstract words in his speech due to the fact that he was referring to ideas about his dream. I could not detect any parts in his speech that were cluttered. For the parts that people would have had a hard time understanding, King slowed the delivery of his speech. Another thing I noticed off the bat was
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Unformatted text preview: the rhythm of Kings speech. Ive heard this speech years and years ago in school, and one of the things that I would never forget was the pattern of sound that was created by the speaker. There were quite a lot of metaphors that were used in the speech as well. I think they helped to draw a picture in the minds of the listeners. I also think that each time King used a metaphor; it would also draw the attention of the audience a bit more. Those were the main things that I noticed about the language of Martin Luther King....
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