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Zeeshan Zahid 05/10/11 Spch. 275 Listening Activity After completing the evaluation, I fall into the category are listening well. One strength of myself as a listener is that make sure to give eye contact to the speaker. I fell it is extremely disrespectful to not give a speaker your undivided attention and that it makes it harder for the person speaking. Eye contact with a speaker gives the speaker feedback on what he/she is telling you. As described in our discussion post, I know that I can improve as a listener. I notice that sometimes while paying attention to a speaker, I divert all my attention and focus on the speaker. I think that one problem I have is that I focus too much. I try to pay attention to every little detail, that my mind doesn’t know which sentence to distinguish as being more important than the other. When I try to recall the information that the speaker talked about, there is just too much to recall and therefore my mind draws a blank.
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Unformatted text preview: The steps I need to become a better listener are to take listening seriously. I believe that listening is an acquired skill and that not everyone is born a good listener. Allowing myself to keep my mind open to the opinions of other will also help me. I think that taking notes would be beneficial for me and that the notes I take are there for my use when I need to remember a certain bit of information. As Morgan stated in the threaded discussion, he uses a voice recorder to help him while he is taking notes, so that anything he missed in his notes can be recorded. The fact that I have enrolled into this class shows that I have taken the first step to becoming a better listener and speaker. The next thing I must do is to put as much effort as I can into this class. I think by doing most of the things described above, I will leave this class a better listener....
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