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Zeeshan Zahid 05/10/2011 Spch. 275 Nervousness Activity Given the scenario, the extent of my nervousness would be extreme. As discussed on page 9 of our books, “stage fright” would not be something to look forward to. I would be nervous because there will be 150 people in my audience. If I do not come across as an intelligent person, what will the higher ups think of me? This speech would be my chance to shine, but due to the fact that there is such a large group, I’d be afraid that I’d stumble on my words or forget what to say next. I would help to control my nervousness by realizing that being nervous is not unusual.
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Unformatted text preview: I would also make sure that I spent the last couple of days preparing. The night before the speech, I would make sure I didn’t go out and party or stay up late studying for the speech. I would also try to use the power of visualization by picturing everyone in their pj’s or something funny to ease my mind from the anxiety. Speechmaking is more of a way for a person to talk to a group of people or an individual. It is not a show that you have to put on for an audience. I think by realizing that a speech doesn’t have to be perfect puts my senses at ease for the upcoming speech in class on Thursday....
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