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Zeeshan Zahid 05/25/2011 Spch 275 Organizing the Body of the Speech Exercise 1. For this type of informative speech, I would use the spatial order method. I would inform my audience about the major geographical regions of Australia. I could have a number of central ideas that individually list the geographical regions of the country. 2. To inform my audience about the major kinds of symbols used in Native American art, I would probably use the topical order method. I would use the main points to divide the topic into logical subtopics. The reason I would want to do it that way would be because you can break down symbols into categories, but you would have a hard time coming up with what category to have each symbol in. Therefore, it would make it easier to use the different symbols to divide the topic and subtopics. 3. For this type of speech, it would be best to use the casual order method. The reason being is because that type of method is used to show a cause effect relationship. For each main point, you
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Unformatted text preview: can talk about one cause and list the effects of that certain cause for the disease. 4. This type of speech would be the same as the geographical regions of Australia. It would be best to use the spatial method to breakdown each main point or central idea to a certain region and use sub-points to elaborate more about that region. 5. For a persuasion speech, I think it’s always best to use the problem-solution order method. Your trying to persuade your audience so you would first list a problem (repeat drunk drivers), and then list a solution that would persuade your audience to have tougher laws made by state legislatures. 6. What fits best for this type of speech is the chronological order method. Your central idea could focus on the major stages of the civil rights movement, and then your main points could be to chronologically list the major events that formed the movement....
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