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Personal Experience Speech Outline

Personal Experience Speech Outline - Zeeshan Zahid SPCH275...

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Zeeshan Zahid 05/18/2011 SPCH275 Personal Experience Speech Introduction I. (Attention Getter) “By a show of hands, who here has seen the movie Full Metal Jacket?” II. (Reveal your topic) Today, I will tell you a funny story about Private Woods and the battle of the tighty whities. III. (Establish Credibility) This story takes place in Paris Island, South Carolina, where I attended Marine Corps Boot Camp in 2003. IV. (Preview) Private Woods was always the type of person who would get himself into a mess of trouble. (TRANSITION: For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Full Metal Jack, allow me this opportunity to explain to you who Private Pile was. Body I. (First Main Point –main points are full sentences) Private Pile was always in trouble no matter how hard he tried. A. (Subpoint) Private Pile earned his name during the first day of Boot Camp. A.1. (Sub-subpoint) Private Pile could not keep from smiling when confronted by drill instructors. (TRANSITION: Private Woods could easily be compared to Private Pile)
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