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Zeeshan Zahid 06/14/2011 Spch. 275 Persuasive Audience Analysis Activity In my questionnaire, I noticed a lot about the different responses that you can get by the way of asking a question. With the fixed-alternative questionnaire, I limited the number of different responses. The audience was asked a question and given three answers to choose from. The only problem with a fixed-alternative question was that I did not receive enough detail in the answers. For the scale question, the audience was asked where they would be on a scale of 1 to 10. I liked this type of response to the question because it gave me an idea of how likely someone is to be
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Unformatted text preview: persuaded in a particular subject. With the open-ended question, I received a lot of information. Some of the information was useful while the other part was unnecessary. This type of question leaves room for a broad range of answers. I think the best way to adapt my speech to my audience would be to ask all three types of questions. The fixed-alternative question is for a simple yes or no answer. The scale question is for how likely someone is to be persuaded. The open-ended question is for any extra information I might need from my audience....
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