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Special Occasion Activity - needed to get a point across to...

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Zeeshan Zahid 06/20/2011 SPCH275 Special Occasion Activity I think that the speech was a very good commemorative speech. The speech paid tribute to a survivor of the Auschwitz. The attention getter was very good because it left the audience on a hook wanting to know what the numbers really meant. The attention getter was also a good pair with the conclusion of the speech. Once the audience knew what the numbers meant, they had a better idea of what type of speech this was. To me, it seemed like at times, the speaker was informing. I think that was because the speaker
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Unformatted text preview: needed to get a point across to commemorate the person being talked about. The speech expressed a lot of feelings to let the audience feel joy and hope for Ellie. After the end of the speech, I actually felt that Ellie had been through a lot and accomplished a lot more in his lifetime. This was a great speech to honor the accomplishments of Ellie even after such a disturbing experience in Auschwitz. The quote at the end of the speech added great emotion to the conclusion....
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