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Zeeshan Zahid 05/31/2011 Spch. 275 Visual Aids Activity 1. How to perform the Heimlich maneuver to help a choking victim. You could use a model for this type of visual aid. I think a model would work best because you could either pick someone from the audience to demonstrate on or you could bring in a practice dummy to demonstrate on. 2. The proportion of the electorate that votes in major national elections in the United States, France, Germany, England, and Japan, respectively. The best visual aid for this would either be a chart or a graph. You a showing a proportion of votes and that is basically dealing with percentages and numbers. To show how each percentage differs, you could use a pie graph or a line/bar graph. 3. Where to obtain information about student loans. You could use a video or multimedia presentation showing the exact way of accessing the student loan website. You could also bring in a piece of paper with thorough directions that the listeners could keep and follow once the speech was over. 4.
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