Zahid iLab7 - Date Name:ZeeshanZahid LabNumber:7...

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Date: 08/17/2011 Name: Zeeshan Zahid Lab Number: 7 Documentation : (20 total points) Exercise1 Specification: For this exercise, we are asked to work in Microsoft Access to work on a database. We use the database example posted in our course shell and the first thing we must do is to add an access table to the database. The next thing we will do is create relationships from the table we just added to the previously existing tables. We add records to the employee table that are linked to other related tables. Finally, we learn how to create a query that will display our search results based on the relationships that we have made from one table to another. Exercise 1 Test Plan:  The first things I understood that I needed to do was to create a new table in the  access database. To do this, I needed to know exactly how to create a table. The icon bar on the top of  the screen had all of the commands that I needed in order to do so. The next step was to link some rows 
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Zahid iLab7 - Date Name:ZeeshanZahid LabNumber:7...

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