pH AND HOMEOSTASIS - The pH scale A negative-logarithmic...

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The pH scale A negative-logarithmic scale 7+ is basic while anything lower in pH is acidic pH in stomach is about 1.5-2 due to the gastric juices pH of saliva is just slightly acidic (around 7) Urine can span between being very acidic to very basic (Wide pH range) The only substance in our body that varies significantly with pH Blood is slightly alkaline (blood has a very small range of tolerance) If our body gets below a pH of 7.2, severe complications may occur 7.35 and 7.45 is the range of tolerance in our body before proteins start denaturing and other critical functions cease. The pH system is one of the most strongly regulated systems in the body pH below normal pH range of 7.35 = Physiological Acidosis pH above normal pH range of 7.45 = Physiological Alkalosis Range of Acidity in Humans Humans can have urine that is a pH of 8 and stomach acid of a pH of 1.5 Almost all biological fluids have a very narrow range of pH except urine When the pH gets below 7.0, the nervous system is unable to compensate for this low pH. It cannot activate any mechanisms to counter the lower pH without artificial support. The CNS becomes useless beyond the range of pH. Equilibrium reactions and buffers An equilibrium reaction is a type of reversible chemical reactions via the buffer system. When there is too much H+ in the system, the buffer consumes the H+ to bring the pH up. When there is too little H+ in the system, the buffer will release H+ to bring pH down. Intracellular buffers Inside of cells: proteins and amino acids act as buffers Carboxyl and amino groups can absorb or give off H+ The buffers give up an H+ in basic conditions and absorb an H+ in acidic conditions. They buffer or dampen the changes in pH. Buffer reactions must occur in both ways to be effective. Extracellular buffers Bicarbonate buffer system via CO2 and Water.
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pH AND HOMEOSTASIS - The pH scale A negative-logarithmic...

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