Hemostasis - o Rh blood group Rh has certain Rh antigens Rh...

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Chapter 19: Cardiovascular System: Blood            SEE LAB PAGES     Hemostasis o Is stoppage of bleeding o Vascular spasm Vasoconstriction of damaged blood vessels   reduces blood loss o Platelet plug formation For minor damage repair of blood vessels and their tissues Platelet adhesion: platelets bind to tissue collagen Platelet release action: platelets release platelet-activating chemicals Platelet aggregation: platelets bind to one another = platelet plug o Coagulation Formation of blood clot Blood Grouping o Groups determined by antigens on surface of RBC o Antibodies bind to RBC antigens   agglutination/hemolysis of RBC o ABO blood group A    :  A antigens, anti-B antibodies B    :   B antigens, anti-A antibodies AB :   A and B antigens, neither antibodies O    :  neither, both anti-A and anti-B antibodies
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Unformatted text preview: o Rh blood group Rh+ : has certain Rh antigens Rh- : no antigens Antibodies against Rh antigen is produced by an Rh- person exposed to Rh+ Rh is resp. for hemolytic disease of newborn Diagnostics Blood Tests o Type and crossmatch Blood typing: determines blood groups of a blood sample Crossmatch: for agglutination reaction btwn donor and recipient o Complete blood count Consists of red blood count, haemoglobin measurement (g of H/100 ml of blood), hematocrit measurement (volume percent of RBC), white blood count, differential white blood count (percentage of each type of WBC) Chapter 19: Cardiovascular System: Blood SEE LAB PAGES o Clotting Platelet count + prothrombin time measurement = assess ability to clot of blood...
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Hemostasis - o Rh blood group Rh has certain Rh antigens Rh...

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