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Types of Sex: Many definitions of Sex Genetics XX = female XY = male Y chromosome tiny compared to X chromosome. The X chromosome encodes a lot of proteins and has many more functions than the Y. Disorders related to X chromosome mutations. Phenotypic Sex Appearance of individuals Gonadal Sex Testes and Ovaries. Some people have a mixture of both. .. Not good way to classify Phycological Sex How a person identifies themselves. The embryo and Sex Initially, the embryo has characteristics of both sex. The Organs of a 5 week old embryo Mesonephric Kidney This organ will be lost later on Mesonephric (Wolffian) duct Important for male development Paramesonephric (mullerian duct) Important for female ovaries development Indifferent gonad (potential ovary on outer surface, potential testis in stroma) Stroma is the supportive tissue of an epithelial organ, tumour, gonad consisting of connective tissues and blood vessels. The inner portion of indifferent gonad Urogenital sinus Opening of both the urinary system and the genital system is the same (non-differentiated). Cloaca Will divide to become the rectum and the bladder
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The Role of the Y chromosome The Y chromosome contains the SRY gene. The SRY gene is the sex-determining region of the Y chromosome and produces Testes determining factor. TDF stimulates Sertoli cells to make mullerian inhibiting substance. MIS causes paramesonephric ducts to disappear. Human chorionic gonadotropin causes the Leydig cells to release androgens. These androgens will then lead to the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. In short: SRY -> TDF production Sertoli cells activation in Gonads Keep Sperm Producing cells alive & anti mullerian hormone (paramesonephric ducts which become fallopian tubes inhibited). Also activate Leydig cells which release androgens such as testosterone which help in determining male characteristics. Once the mullerian duct (paramesonephric ducts) have degraded (due to Anti-mullerian hormone) the inner stroma component of the indifferent gonad turns into the testes. The testes than travel down towards the abdominal wall until they reach the inguinal ring. At this point, the vas deferens is connected to the urogenital sinus. The Wolffian ducts form the vas deferens. If there is no Y chromosome, SRY region does not exist and thus, no coding of AMH
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SEX ORGANS - Types of Sex Many definitions of Sex Genetics...

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