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1 Lesson 08 Linear Programming 27. The linear optimization technique for allocating constrained resources among different products is: A. linear regression analysis B. linear disaggregation C. linear decomposition D. linear programming E. linear tracking analysis 28. Which of the following is not a component of the structure of a linear programming model? A. Constraints B. Decision variables C. Parameters D. A goal or objective E. Environment of certainty 29. Coordinates of all corner points are substituted into the objective function when we use the approach called: A. Least Squares B. Regression C. Enumeration D. Graphical Linear Programming E. Constraint Assignment 30. Which of the following could not be a linear programming problem constraint? A. 1A + 2B 3 B. 1A + 2B 3 C. 1A + 2B = 3 D. 1A + 2B + 3C + 4D 5 E. 1 A + 2B 31. For the products A, B, C and D, which of the following could be a linear programming objective function? A. Z = 1A + 2B + 3C + 4D B. Z = 1A + 2BC + 3D C. Z = 1A + 2AB + 3ABC + 4ABCD D. Z = 1A + 2B/C + 3D E. all of the above 32. The logical approach, from beginning to end, for assembling a linear programming model begins with: A. identifying the decision variables B. identifying the objective function C. specifying the objective function parameters
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QUIZ Lesson Linear Programming - %PDF-1.4 67 0 obj...

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