QUIZ Lesson Operations Management

QUIZ Lesson Operations Management - 1 Lesson 02 Operations...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Lesson 02 Operations Management 37. A nation's ability to compete with other nations impacts a business' strategy in the area of: A. Marketing B. Finance C. Operations D. Distribution E. All of the above 39. A 'product package' consists of: A. the exterior wrapping B. the shipping container C. a combination of goods and services D. goods if a manufacturing organization E. customer relations if a service organization 40. Business organizations consist of three major functions which: A. overlap B. are mutually exclusive C. exist independently of each other D. function independently of each other E. do not interface with each other 41. Which of the following is not a type of operations? A. goods production B. storage/transportation C. entertainment D. communication E. all the above involve operations 42. Technology choices seldom affect: A. costs. B. productivity. C. union activity. D. quality. E. flexibility. 43. Measurements taken at various points in the transformation process for control purposes are called: A. plans B. directions C. controls D. feedback E. budgets 44. Budgeting, analysis of investment proposals, and provision of funds are activities associated with the______ function. 44....
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QUIZ Lesson Operations Management - 1 Lesson 02 Operations...

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