Written Assignment 4 Chapter 10

Written Assignment 4 Chapter 10 - want to update the file...

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Written assignment 4, chapter 10 page 341 - 342, exercises 1,4,5,7,9,10,12. 1 NOS big advantage is security and its goal to keep the integrity of the network uncompromisable. DOS allows use for resources from all devices on a network. I would choose DOS if I ran a network because it would easily allow me to use resources automatically from a peer if I lack them locally. 4 For the chosen 5 I would allow read/write so they can be read and updated. The other 15 read-only so they can be read but not updated, the rest would have no access. 5 The file manager first finds and open the file. If I want to read the file the manager sets it to read, if I
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Unformatted text preview: want to update the file the manager locks it and starts the write function so I can update the file. When I am done updating I close the file unlocking it in the process. 7 DO/s can protect files by allowing no access or make them hidden from unauthorized users. 9 DO/S prevents deadlocks by allowing executions that it will know will run to finish. If it detects a deadlock it will close the process that will have the least amount of difficulty to restart. 10 Process synchronization is important because it prevents deadlocks, slow downs, and allow processes to complete in a efficient manner....
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