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Written Assignment 4 Chapter 9

Written Assignment 4 Chapter 9 - devices in a closed loop...

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Written assignment 4, chapter 9 page 314-315, exercises 5,6,7,11,12,19 5 Star topology has the advantage of a central hub controlling communications with other devices. The disadvantage is the central hub has to be sophisticated enough to meet the demands, and traffic of the other devices, also devices lose all network capabilities if the central hub goes down. 6 the advantage of a bud topology is all devices are connected to each other and does not need a central device to control the network. The disadvantage is that the data must flow on a single line one by one until they reach their destination. 7 A star topology can act like a ring topology by having the central hub communicate with the other
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Unformatted text preview: devices in a closed loop. 11 Hard wired lans advantages are devices are physically connected to each other so data and communications are direct. More secure only devices connected to each other can communicate no outside devices can come in. High data rate ranging from 100mb to 40gb allowing for a wide range of high data rate signals. 12 The differences between bridges and gateways are protocols which are basically rules for communication between devices. Networks that use a bridge demands all devices have the same protocol, while a gateway does not need devices to have the same protocol to communicate....
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