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Written Assignment 5 Chapter 11

Written Assignment 5 Chapter 11 - passwords are not...

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written assignment 5, chapter 11 page 370 - 371, exercises 1, 2, 3, 5. 1 31pi41PI51pi26PI this password is a combination of the first 6 digits of pi with pi every two number and capitalized every other times pi is typed. Its easy to remember and has 16 digits. Autumne9t4 this is a password that combines the name of my dog named autumn and because she is a dog I also used dog but shift up a row for dog which is e9t and the number 4 because that is her current age. 2 some advantages of password generators are they are easy to use, easy to generate a password and can be easy to remember depending on the number of characters generated. Disadvantages are the
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Unformatted text preview: passwords are not personal so they can be easily forgotten, the passwords can be too simple for somebody to guess. 3 If I wanted access to somebodies computer I would try to give the person a trogan horse so he can type in his id and password. 5 I would advise my employers to backup for user errors or poor maintenance maybe somebody could accidentally delete a file or database, malicious attacks if a hacker or competitor attacks our system we would have a backup, and if we are doing maintenance on out main system the backup can temporarily accommodate our needs....
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