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Chapter 1 questions 1-9 page 29 1. Name five current operating systems and the computers or configurations each operates. A. 1. Windows 7 they operate on Intel or amd computes 2. Mac OS X they operate on Macintosh computers 3. OpenSolaris an open source UNIX like OS based on Solaris OS. 4. Linux a free Unix like OS. 5. Google Chrome OS, an OS that use internet tools for user task. 2. Name Five key concepts about an operating systems that you think a novice user need to know and understand. A. User Interface, processor manager, memory manager device manager and file manager. 3. Explain the impact of the evolution of computer hardware and the accompanying evolution of operating system software. A. As more organizations, businesses, and home consumers wanted the need for computers, hardware manufacturers found ways to make hardware smaller, efficient and affordable. The demand for easy use of computers, software developers made OS more user friendly 4. In your opinion, has Moor’s Law been a mere predictor of chip design or a motivator for chip
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