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Questions only no answers Midterm 1. Discuss the managers that make up an operating system. Discuss the five types of operating systems mentioned in your text. 2. How does internal fragmentation occur? How does external fragmentation occur? Contrast first-fit and best-fit algorithms. 3. Contrast FIFO and LRU page replacement policies. Describe paged memory allocation. Describe a Memory Map Table. 4. Describe multiprogramming. Compare and contrast SJN and round robin scheduling. Describe
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Unformatted text preview: an interrupt handler. 5. Describe a deadlock on file requests. What strategy could be used to handle this deadlock? 6. Describe parallel processing. What is a semaphore? Give an example of its use. What are some uses for concurrent processing? 7. Contrast magnetic tape and optical disk storage citing uses for each. Contrast FCFS and SSTF techniques. What is a RAID device? 8. Contrast fixed and variable length records. What is the purpose of data compression?...
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