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Software Engineering CIS 351-OL Written Assignment 4 Points to ponder Chapter 8 8.1 Coding is just the part of software engineering development process. Design is deciding how the program will be made and work. 8.2 Software Design or to design a software it to problem solve and create solution to create software. 8.3 To make sure the software design is sound one can prototype or make sure it comply with the requirements. 8.4 Examine the task set presented for design. Where is quality assessed? Within the task set? How is this accomplished? How are the quality attributes discussed in Section 8 2 1 achieved? 8.6 Architecture in general terms is the approach of designing a structure. In context of software engineering software architecture is the method of designing the software. The overall structure of the software is designed to make all the components and data interact in a working manner. There are different types of
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Unformatted text preview: software architectural designs and one or a combination of them can be used in to structure a piece of software. There is the functional model that structures the software by a functional hierarchy and the dynamic model that structures the software around behaviors of events that can take place in the software. 8.8 Separation of concerns is designed to separates different parts/processes of a program so they do not interfere or have little effect on other parts of the software 8.10 Information hiding keeps classes/objects from leaking information to other classes/objects, this prevents errors and bugs. Module independence use this concept to make programs easy to maintain, changes in one module does not affect any other module....
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