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Written Assignment 3 - Software Engineering CIS 351-OL...

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Software Engineering CIS 351-OL Written Assignment 3 Problems and Points to Ponder Chapter 4 4.2 Divide and conquer! I think this principle makes everything software engineering easier to follow and solve. 4.6 Agile communication stresses complete communication with all members at all time when communication is needed. It also stresses daily meetings between all members of a project so that everybody is on the same page. Traditional communications only have planned communication and may restrict on who you may communicate to. 4.10 Modeling serves to give teams a sort of blueprint or some understanding on what they are creating. It solves questions engineers may have on the software they are building, example if they need to know how the user interface works the model will guide them. 4.13 A successful test is one that finds a bug that would have been undiscovered by normal means. 4.14 No I disagree; finding all bugs early in the project will make maintaining the software easier after deployment and of course increase customer satisfaction.
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Written Assignment 3 - Software Engineering CIS 351-OL...

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