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Written Assignment 1 - Software Enginering CIS 351-OL...

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Unformatted text preview: Software Enginering CIS 351-OL Written Assignment 1 Points to ponder 1.2 Various cloud computing software/services, the advantages they provide gives users remote use of networks or things like web hosting, data storage, computing. From your home or business you can use software/services over the web without having to deal with the overhead of using your on hardware/software. The disadvantage of using these software/technology is security and downtime, you have to intrust the security/privacy of your data/website/developments to a third party. Another disadvantage is downtime if the network goes down then you lose access to the software. 1.4 To prevent deterioration in the programming process would be to have a good plan. More specifically plan for possible changes in the development process. Also great communication either in real time or getting reports of progress from multiple individuals. Since teams like to break apart programmers to program specific parts in a software a good idea to make sure teams react to changes quickly is to...
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This note was uploaded on 01/16/2012 for the course CIS CIS-351 taught by Professor Litz during the Spring '11 term at Thomas Edison State.

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Written Assignment 1 - Software Enginering CIS 351-OL...

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