SUARRO INN - This report will encourage The Suarro Inn...

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This report will encourage The Suarro Inn Resort to invest time in bettering the communication between our managers and our staff. By encouraging better communication; our staff, as well as the overall ambiance of our resort, will benefit significantly. This report will cover the following sections: Our Resort Today Management Techniques Used How to Better Our Techniques The Future of Our Resort Through an in-depth analysis of leadership, ethics, and effective communication techniques; this report will ensure a brighter future for The Suarro Inn Resort without compromising its values. O UR R R ESORT T T ODAY ODAY As we all know, due to the architectural errors, The Suarro Inn Resort deals with a lot of commotion behind the scenes. Being part of such a large property can be both; beneficial and difficult. Besides making sure we run our housekeeping department along with our three restaurants—properly—we also face difficulties outside of our seven buildings. Maintaining eighteen tennis courts, two swimming pools, a golf course, and a fully equipped health spa is rather costly as well as difficult to staff. As a new General Manager however, to ease the hassle, I want to start from the ground to the top. Without our housekeeping department, our resort cannot function. So, I decided to closely monitor the behavior of our housekeepers along with their manager, Oscar Hand. Oscar, our new Housekeeping Manager, had two set goals: (1) increase his control over the housekeeping staff, and (2) reduce cost.
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The Suarro Inn Resort Although his goals seemed well planned and fairly reasonable, his way of attaining them was not rational. Healthy communication within the resort’s staff is essential, and to jeopardize that in exchange of authority is inconsiderate. M ANAGEMENT ANAGEMENT T T ECHNIQUES ECHNIQUES U U SED SED To attain his goals, Oscar performed a strategic change . Strategic change is a change of a larger scale such as, organizational reconstructing. Oscar decided to reorganize the whole
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SUARRO INN - This report will encourage The Suarro Inn...

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