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ENVS 195: Lecture 11 October 19, 2010 Chapter 8: Oceans and Fisheries Climate near surface from ocean Energy from ice going in to atomosphere - Looked at El Nino o Associated with coral bleaching o Algae within coral (symbiotic relationship) – can be seen by satellites Facts: 1/5 of the current coral reefs have been degraded beyond recovery ½ of the balance is in danger If you touch a coral it dies 10,000 species of fish rely on the coral reek for their habitat Coral reefs are the rainforest of the sea Impacts on developing economies: - Many in tropical climates - many in coastal areas - coral reefs and aquatic life are major resource - modifications of landscape include:
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Unformatted text preview: -deforestation-urbanization-chemical pollution-eco-tourism-lack of resources for appropriate sustainable management practices o lack of training and practices to deal with damage -coral reef goods and service provide an annual net benefit of 30 billion dollars worldwide. o System very diverse www.gefcoral.org-How to manage coral reefs using remote sensing-The bumpier coral is the healthier it is-Rehabilitation exercise (give an area where the coral can grow again) Climate change:-it happening, are we causing it and is there something we can do?-El nino o Australia o Research Projects in Indonesia:...
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