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Being a young, dynamic and evolving organization, Company ABC is in the growth stage of its life cycle. In order to keep pace with the competitive environment and need to acquire the best of talent, students from premier institutes from across the country are recruited at handsome packages. Rahul, a young MBA freshly out of a reputed B-School, who has been recently recruited through campus placement, was bewildered with the pace at which things change here. Not only was he having a hard time keeping track of the assignments and initiatives, he was also facing the hostility of his team in the US Marketing Divison. Rahul was recruited at a package of 16 Lacs from his campus and as per the organizational structure; he was placed as an Assistant Manager level, as a supervisor for Amit and Rohan, who are Senior Executives. Both Amit and Rohan are also MBA’s, but they were recruited laterally, at packages of 5 Lacs and 5.5 Lacs respectively, 3 years back. Rahul has been made the Account Manager for a major US retailer, whereas Amit and Rohan are working as
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